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Okapi: Most Advanced Open-Source ML Library
for Apache Giraph

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Real-time Giraph:
Next generation graph analytics engine

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Making it easy and efficient to analyze dynamic graphs

In many cases, your graph is dynamic and you need your analytical tools to be able to handle near real-time changes.

However, a tool like Giraph is designed for batch processing on static data, much like Hadoop. Running Giraph jobs continuously on large graphs to keep your analytics up-to-date can become computationally expensive or lead to slow responses.

On the flip side, writing custom algorithms for dynamic graphs is a hard and time consuming programming task and may even be challenging for most programmers.

RT-Giraph keeps your graph analytics up-to-date efficiently and with little programming effort. It runs existing Giraph algorithms, with the added benefit that whenever the graph changes, RT-Giraph can update the changes seamlessly, resulting in faster computation than re-running algorithms from scratch.

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User friendly tools for Giraph!

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Start with Giraph in under a minute:
Download jar, open your browser, configure your first job.

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Configure your first Giraph Job!

Create Configuration

#prepare the data
df = pd.read_csv(..., names=['user', 'item', 'rating', 
			     'date', 'title'])
training, testing = testfm.split.holdoutByRandom(df, 0.9)

#tell me what models we want to evaluate
models = [  RandomModel(),

items = training.item.unique()
for m in models:
	print m.getName().ljust(50),
	print testfm.evaluate_model(m, testing, all_items=items)

Simplify your Collaborative Filtering testing with test.fm

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Learn who we are!

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Linas Baltrunas

Associate Researcher at Telefonica Digital. Works on recommendation systems (contextual if possible) and fond of seeing how projects get alive. In love with mountains.

  • linas[at]tid[dot]es
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Dionysis Logothetis

A distributed systems guy by birth. He contributes to the Okapi library, and builds RT-Giraph. He is an Associate Researcher @Telefonica Digital.

  • dl[at]tid[dot]es

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Alexandros Karatzoglou

Snowboarder, urban cyclist and passionate cook, in his spare time builds Machine Learning and Recommender Systems algorithms.

  • alexk[at]tid[dot]es

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Georgos Siganos

Deep diving into Big Data Systems. Georgos was a Researcher at Telefonica Digital. He is currently a Senior Scientist at Qatar Computing Research Institute.

  • siganos[at]gmail[dot]com

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Maria Stylianou

Maria the geek girl! She implemented the basis of Okapi during her master thesis @Telefonica Digital.

  • marsty5[at]gmail[dot]com

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Ilias Leontiadis

Ilias is a Research Associate at Telefonica Digital. In the past he was a researcher at University of Cambridge and received his PhD from University College London (UCL).

  • ilias[at]tid[dot]es

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Alexandre Fonseca

With a passion for code ninjaing and all things distributed, Alex contributes to Okapi and RT-Giraph in the context of his master Thesis (European Master on Distributed Computing @UPC and KTH).

  • afonseca[at]ac.upc.edu

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João Baptista

João mainly contributes to the test.fm, implementing the framework structure and connecting it to Okapi.

  • joaonrb[at]gmail.com


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Claudio Martella

Claudio is a graph fetishist, member of the LSDS group @ VU University Amsterdam, and Committer and PMC member of Apache Giraph.

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Vasia Kalavri

Vasia is a PhD student at KTH, Sweden and UCL, Belgium. She is interested in data-intensive frameworks, currently focusing on graph processing. She has a M.Sc. in Distributed Computing from UPC, Barcelona and KTH.

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Yazan Boshmaf

Self-described as a Web Janitor, is a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He is currently building scalable defense systems to fight against the bad guys on the Web.

  • boshmaf[at]ece.ubc.ca

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Gianmarco De Francisci Morales

Research Scientist at Yahoo Labs Barcelona working at the intersection between data mining and distributed systems. Passionate about cooking and open-source, he contributes to Apache Pig, Giraph, S4, and Hadoop.

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Trung V. Nguyen

PhD Candidate at the Australian National University. Love building scalable machine learning systems for solving practical problems.


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for a 3-6 month period.

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